Vendors instruct us for our ability to sell properties at the highest possible figure for them.

Early preparation makes a difference! Reducing delay on your part means your sale can progress swiftly. Non performing buyers can be identified and discarded early on too. Before marketing your property get all your documentation together.

If you have a mortgage, make sure you know how much it will cost to redeem. You do not want to be taken by surprise after you have contracted to sell by finding you must pay several thousand pounds more than you thought for early redemption penalties or the like.

Get your solicitor ready early.

We recommend Frazer Coogans Solicitors - who have extensive experience of the local property market, but you can, of course, instruct who you want. Whoever it is, they must do several things before he can send out any sale documentation. This can take at least a fortnight or even three weeks, so the sooner you instruct a solicitor the sooner they can get those out of the way and start the process. Don't leave it until you have a buyer.

Home Reports

From December 1st 2008, the new law means that anyone selling a home needs to provide a Home Report to prospective buyers. This is a standard report on the condition and valuation of the home, its energy efficiency and other essential information. It is useful for both the seller and potential buyers, ensuring everyone is better informed. The Home Report is arranged by the seller and is carried out by a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

The Home Report contains three documents:

From December 1 2008, homes put on the market in Scotland need a Home Report. There are exceptions, including new-build homes, right-to-buy homes and conversions of properties not previously occupied as a home.

For more information on Home information Pack click here.

De-clutter to emphasise size and light

It's amazing how many people don't. If limited storage space is a consideration, renting a storage unit nearby can be a pragmatic and cost effective solution.

Make your home available for viewings

To fit in with buyers' crowded schedules we show properties from early mornings until late into the evening. Give your property maximum exposure by allowing it to be shown to as many pre-qualified applicants as possible.

Resist the temptation to follow buyers around

We've all done it. "This is the kitchen...", but buyers can find this unsettling. Leave your buyer and agent to view at their own pace, or even better, leave them to it completely.

Leave doors from hallways propped open. It adds to the feeling of space in a property.


Give your agent at Bruach keys to facilitate viewings at your property and help remove a hassle.

Sort out obvious defects

Water stains on the ceiling and damp or musty smells usually have a straightforward cause - and remedy. Repairing obvious defects before you market the property will make it a much better proposition for buyers.

The price is right

Valuations should be based on fact, and backed up with comparables and intimate knowledge of local supply - and demand. Beware of agents deliberately over valuing your home to impress you (and secure their sole agency), then allowing it to stagnate on the market whilst they pester you to drop the price. Although lucrative for some agents, it's seldom in the interest of you the seller.

Allow a For Sale board - it raises your property profile

Everyone hates them, (even us, honest!) but a board outside your home generates more enquiries than no board. Bruach follows local authority and DTI recommendations on the erecting and sitting of agents' boards.